A feature if set the user is able to subscribe personal contacts from social networks. The permission right has to be set by the administrator of the context.


An account (user account) is an access authorization to a secure communication system.
When login, the user must authenticate a user name and a password.


An access control list is a software technology to limit the access to data and functions. In Open-Xchange administration tools ACLs are used to set shared folders permissions for groups and users for e.g. 'read' 'write' 'delete' 'administrate'.


To synch tasks on Open-Xchange with an iPhone. More about ActiveSync: Opens external link in new windowhttp://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActiveSync

Tutorial how to use synch tools on smartphones: Opens external link in new windowOXtender for Business Mobility BMO


A user is an operator. Each user needs it's own account with login and password to get access to the companie's groupware.  A user can use the personal data and shared groupware data depending on the set permissions.


A context designates a company. A company / mandatory uses one Open-Xchange context with all its data. A context can manage an arbitrary number of users from one user up to thousands. User permission rights are set individually by the administrator of the context.


The contextadmin is the system administrator of a context and the context's users and groups.


Domain Name System: Internet system to translate names into IP addresses. Look also Opens external link in new windowen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dns

external Mailaccounts

Open-Xchange enables the additional integration of external email accounts. 


A groupware is a software which facilitates, supports and automated the cooperation inside a workgroup. All informations are automatically and always up-to-date available for all employees. A groupware is a flexible and mobile office for teamwork.


In OXadm you can assign any individual user groups. A summary of many users conduces to simplify administration.

Groups are visibly in the groupware and simplify the administration: For users is the group a visible group and can be used for creating common appointments or tasks. Users can create common folders and assign folder rights individual users or a whole group. So if possible, summarize your users into groups and then assign permissions to groups. When changes are required this will simplify the admnistrative costs.


Graphical User Interface


HAM is the synonymous for “desired mails”. The user deposits an email copy in this folder for showing the mailfilter: this mails with this kind of content or from the same sender are desired mails.


Unique name: name@domain

License module

This license modules with the follow rights are available:

mail identity

An alias is a mail indentity/pseudonym.

You can use this mail indentity for sending and receiving emails.


Mail Xchange Record - Opens external link in new windowhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MX_record

Open-Xchange admin tools can exchange with external email servers. To use email in Open-Xchange like an internal email server the external email server needs the correct IP address registrated in its MX-record.


OXadm is a synonym of OXadmin. Its the open-source tool to administrate an Open-Xchange Server Edition for one context (one customer or company) with an abritary amount of users.


Personal Information Manager. Open-xchange differentiates personal information data like personal addresses, appointments and email, contrary to common company data shared by all users. Personal information can also be shared with users by setting permission rights.


The blackboard for fast communication and information for all employees.


Quota means the allocated storage space. Users have a limited email storage space and Infostore storage space. This can be optional enlarged or decreased.


A user is an operator. Each user needs it's own account with login and password to get access to the companie's groupware. A user can use the personal data and shared groupware data depending on the set permissions.a


The username is a unique name which serves to identify a user in the Open-Xchange groupware. The username and the main domain presents the so-called user account.


White Label Hosting is the Open-Xchange white label reselling option for hoster and IT-Reseller. With WLH offers pro-ite Lt. a neutral Open-Xchange GUI and administration platform optional with the reseller's logo or branding. http://pro-ite.com/


An external programm integrated into the portal page of Open-Xchange for example news feeds or the pinboard module.

Wildcard Alias

A wildcard alias is a placeholder. For example an email wildcard with *@mydomain will match all requests for non-existent email addresses.