FAQs about Open-Xchange and administration

How can I get Open-Xchange with included administration?

An ideal Open-Xchange solution including an admin tool is the Open-Xchange SaaS version: at last you only have to order the needed amount of users. Then you get the administration login params and now you can administrate all your users and customers with oxadmin by yourself. Calculate your best price for Open-Xchange SaaS online:

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Other possibilities are Open-Xchange Server Edition as housing or hosting solution.

What's the price for the OXadmin tool?

OXadmin to administrate one context is open-source with GPL license and as free download available. Supported languages are English, German and Spanish. A system requirements list and install information is also included in the download package, and in case you need some more help or information, all contact informations to get support.

Opens external link in new window oxadmin download pages and Opens external link in new windowoxadmin release notes

All other administration tools are available with minimum one year maintenance contracts.

What fields of administration will Open-Xchange cover by installation?

Open-Xchange offers a complete administration by directly inserted console commands. The email postboxes can also be administrated by console inserted commands.

The OXadmin tools add on this administration interface with a browser based and graphically designed user interface. Therefore users, groups, rights, contexts and all you need to manage one or more Open-Xchange servers can be administrated and edited easily from each browser.

OXadmin is designed to manage users and groups for one context and is available as free download.

OXadm, OXadminMaster, OXadminMaster4CS - which version do I need to manage more than one context?

You find the details to each product in the OXadmin tools section. In short OXadmin is to administrate one context with its users, groups and shared folders.

All the other tools are designed to manage more contexts (mandatories) as a hoster, a webmaster or a reseller.

I have further questions, how can I get support?

Please feel free to send us an e-mail Opens window for sending emailsupport(at)pro-ite.com or if you are already a customer log in at our trouble ticket system Opens external link in new windowsupport.pro-ite.de and write us your request or proposal. pro-ite offers support in English and German.