OXadminMasterOXadminMaster is a commercial add-on for OXadmin to administrate one OX-HE server as server or cluster. You can administrate as many contexts (SaaS-customers) as you want.

The OXadminMaster developed by pro-ite acts as a browser based administration tool for the Open-Xchange Hosting Edition.

The Open-Xchange Hosting Edition (HE) enables you to manage unlimited contexts (= mandatories/ customers) completely independent from each other on only one system. OXadminMaster manages the contexts and associated domains and modules, the amount of mandatories/ contexts is unlimited. Groupware server and mail server can be separate systems and can be administrated centrally within the OXadminMaster.


The OXadminMaster is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English


Modules for the administration:

  • Creating contexts (mandatories), editing, activation, deactivation and deletion.
  • Info-store-quota
  • IMAP-Server, domains
  • Providing languages, selecting time zone
  • Depositing contact details of administration
  • Notification: posting e-mails to all context administrators
  • Multiple domains: any amount of domains are possible to be allocated for each customer.
  • Logfiles: changes are registered in detail and transferred per e-mail on demand.
  • OXadm6 inside: every single customer/mandator can administrate his system via OXadm6.