OXadminMasterAccountingOXadminMasterAccounting is a commercial add-on for the OxadminMaster and is designed to save accounting data and creating reports about your contexts  for e.g. to create invoices for your customers.

OXadminMasterAccounting as an add-on

Notice: the accounting module provides a valid OXadminMaster maintenance contract.


The accounting application collects data of:

  • all contexts

  • all users of each context

    • within booked/activated license modules

    • enabled / disabled status information

  • Mailquota

    • of users

    • used mail quota

    • booked mail quota

    • shared folders of each context

    • shared folders usage

    • shared folders booked quota

  • Infostore quota of each context

    • used storage and

    • booked storage quota

Reports can be created for each day, each context or as weekly and monthly report information.